Scott Weston

Scott began his marine repair career at a dealership in Flint, Michigan in 1995. From 1995 till 2000 he honed his skills as a technician by attending numerous manufactured sponsored schooling and good old fashion on the job training. Scott was also attending college learning business management. From 2000 to 2002, Scott was the service manager at the shop in Flint and this became a very rewarding job because he had a great team working for him and he was able to apply the skills he had learned in trade schools and college to create a profitable and fun place to work. In 2002, Scott and his wife moved to the Traverse City area. Scott got a job as a marine technician at a local marina. In 2006 Boat Doctors was created and is a thriving business in Frankfort, MI. Scott currently resides in Interlochen, MI with his wife, Mackenzie, and son, Chase. He enjoys hunting and spending time with good friends.